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DRIVETIME  UK Driver Training

Marcus Standring

Huge thanks to Tony and Drivetime UK for helping me pass today! I'd put off learning to drive for years but with Tony's patient, friendly and encouraging tuition I was soon driving with confidence. I would recommend him to anyone and I'll definitely be using Drivetime UK's services again soon for my Pass Plus! :D  Marcus Standring

Jonny Wood

Just want to say thank you again Tony, if wasn't for you I would not have passed my driving test today. Thank you for giving me the confidence and believing in me
Jonny Wood

Alice Williams

Frank helped me pass my test, he's absolutely brilliant. No matter how much you mess up he always put you right back on track. He managed to put up with me for 30 odd hours practice lessons and didn't throw anything at me so that was definitely a bonus. No matter how nervous you get he can always calm you back down. I would recommend driving tuition with Frank. Thank you Frank for everything, proud to say the reason I passed my test is all down to Frank 

Danny Brown

"Passed first time, I would highly recommend Drivetime UK and a big thank you to Tony. Couldn't have done it without him. Thanks mate."
Danny Brown

Alice Wilks

I passed my driving test first time with Tony as an instructor. I would recommend DriveTime UK to anyone wanting to learn to drive!
Alice Wilks

Andy Ogden

I pasted my test with Tony from Drivetime UK. He is brilliant instructor and gave me a massive confidence boost I needed for my test, I would recommend them to anyone who is learning to drive.
Andy Ogden

Charlotte Crossley

I started driving with Tony and Drivetime after failing my test 2 years ago. I noticed how I felt considerably more confident in my driving which is through Tony's help and persistence. I've enjoyed my lessons with Tony and he ensured I was fully prepared for the test. Spending the day of my test driving was the most helpful way of ensuring I drove to my best ability and passed. Thanks again Tony. Charlotte Crossley

Craig Foster

Big thanks to Tony at Drivetime for helping me pass my driving test 1st time. Very friendly, helpful and reliable and most of all patient. Would definitely recommend to anyone wanting to pass with reasonable prices. Thanks again Tony.
Craig foster.

Jordan Hoare

started taking lessons with Tony after failing two driving tests 5 years earlier with a different instructor. After having lessons with Tony I found his way of teaching was great and helped me over come my previous fears. Tony is very patient, easy going and helpful. He cares about his students and he wants you to do well. After having my lessons with Tony I managed to pass my driving test on the first attempt with with only 1 fault. He is a great driving instructor and I am very pleased to have had him as my teacher. I couldn't have done this without him. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone. Thank you very much Tony!!!
Jordan Hoare

Brett Kershaw

From the moment I met Frank I knew I was going to be in good hands. He kept me calm and helped me with my nerves even when I was getting frustrated with my nerves he kept me calm and helped me to overcome them. I would recommend Frank and Drive time to anyone, they are very good at what they do and thank you again for helping me through it.
Brett Kershaw

Brad Hales

Today I passed my driving test with Tony from DRIVETIME UK, Tony was a great driving instructor very polite, patient and professional, he put me at ease from day one when I first sat in the drivers seat. I have no hesitation in recommending Tony from DRIVETIME UK, it is easy to see he has lots of experience with new drivers and his laid back like attitude helped make feel confident behind the wheel.
Brad Hales

Chris Platt

I’ve worked with another instructor before having lessons with Tony and Frank from Drivetime UK, and the difference is huge. Polite, patient and professional while still always retaining a sense of humour, lessons with them were always something enjoyable rather than a chore like I’d known before! They’re not just interested in ticking the boxes to get you to test standard, they genuinely want to make people good drivers, and for people to really enjoy driving rather than it being stressful, boring or just “something you have to do”. After having both Tony and Frank as Instructors, I seriously can’t recommend either of them enough. Thanks again guys, you’ve been absolutely brilliant.

Chris Platt

James Marsden

Big thanks to Frank!
Helped me pass first time n with only one minor ....(by default lol)
Must say the teaching style is brill and exactly what new drivers need. And a very nice guy as well x
James Marsden

Liz Munday

I would highly recommend Drivetime uk Driving School my experience was great. Friendly and professional. I enjoyed my time learning to drive, thanks for all your help. My instructor Tony ensured I was well prepared for both my theory and practical. We covered all aspects of driving and I was confident about taking my test passing with only 2 driver faults.
Liz Munday

Jack Holden

Just passed my driving test with Tony from Drivetime UK. I would recommend anyone who wants to pass with ease to take my advice and Learn with Drivetime UK.
Jack Holden

Amy Davies

Just want to say a massive thank you to Tony from Drivetime UK on teaching me to drive. I really enjoyed learning with him and would recommend Drivetime uk to anyone and thanks again.
Amy Davies

Lauren rose Middleton

Thank you Frank for helping me pass today, and I would recommend him to anyone who is looking to learn. He is so patient and supportive and I so glad I chose him to teach me. Frank is the type of instructor you can have a laugh with as well as learn so much from him. I am really going to miss driving with Frank by my side. Its been a great adventure. X
Lauren Rose Middleton

Antony Ramsden

Tony at DRIVETIME, was very professional and gave me the best advice and training that I needed to help me pass first time! He is very professional and flexible and I would recommend him to anyone! - Antony Ramsden

Stacey Petrillo

I would love to thank Tony for all the months he's been teaching me and the time he's spent showing me great driving skills! Our driving lessons have unfortunately come to an end, but, I'm so happy you helped me pass! On my first attempt !!! Would highly recommend Tony and Drivetime Uk's driving school to anyone who wants a laugh as well as learning successful independent driving skills! Will miss you Tony but hopefully I'll see you on the roads soon!
Thank you! x
Stacie Petrillo

Georgina Maughan

Thanks Tony for being an awesome driving instructor. Passed my theory and practical first time. I would 100% recommend you to anybody due to your quality teaching skills and patience. Much appreciated!! Thank you.
Georgina Maughan

Josh Lloyd

Passed my driving test at my first attempt with Tony from Drivetime uk I would recommend Tony and Drivetime uk to anybody who would like to learn to drive
Josh Lloyd

Bok Tang

It has been a fantastic experience learning from Frank. He has been very helpful in helping me pass my test and giving me the confidence when driving   Bok Tang

Lewis Burridge

"I passed my driving test with only 1 fault. I can't thank Tony enough for helping me with this and giving me all the support I needed. The lessons were fantastic and allowed me to stay relaxed. I would highly recommend Drivetime UK to anyone wants to learn how to drive."

Neil Collinson

Passed my test this morning with Frank and his teaching was fabulous. Great instructor! Will highly recommend Frank and Drivetime UK to any other person willing to learn. Thanks. Neil Collinson

Aimee Burns

It's taken me AGES to review so for that I sincerely apologise! I had a really difficult time with my confidence and just grasping how to do things because I seem to learn in a completely different way than others... Luckily Frank was really really patient and changed the way he taught things to help me understand it better. I had around 4 different instructors before Frank and he was by far the best!!

Paul Llewellyn

Passed my driving test first attempt with Tony from Drivetime uk. I would recommend Drivetime UK to friends and family and anyone who wishes learning to drive .

Adam Clegg

Passed my driving test at Rochdale test centre with Tony from Drivetime UK. Very good instructor, patient and explains things well. Lessons were also good fun, very enjoyable, I would recommend to family and friends

Samina Begum

After several months of not being behind the steering wheel, I realised that learning to drive was starting to become an increasing challenge. I had finished University with great difficulty and knew how vital it was to pass my driving test. It was going to be my 5th driving instructor and I was starting to believe that driving a car was not the path for me. So I researched, found DriveTime UK and decided to get in touch. My call was received by Tony and after one phone call I instantly felt eager to start again.
I met Frank Walsh in March 2014 and instantly knew we were going to work very well together. Frank made me feel at ease and comfortable which was essential for me as I believe a relaxed environment was necessary in order for me to learn effectively. Within the first few lessons I knew Frank was committed. He wanted me to get that pass as much as I did and together we were a team!
There was never a dull day, and those days where things were not brilliant and I didn't get each manoeuvre right. Frank reassured me always. He never let me feel like I was disappointing him and most importantly, I was not disappointing myself. Each challenge was a learning curve and I was always reminded.
After a few driving lessons it became apparent that I was struggling in more areas than others. It was starting to get frustrating and I explained to Frank that I had been diagnosed with a condition called Dyspraxia which is a form of developmental coordination disorder. For myself, it affected my memory and how I processed information.
Within hours after our lesson Frank took the time out was able to get in touch with the right people who specialised in this condition and was able to customise his teaching to my individual learning needs and was the only driving instructor in the 3 years of my learning that was able to do that. Instantly I felt a massive change and was remembering and processing information so much better.

My confidence grew each lesson and I was starting to feel like a safe and competent driver. Frank gave me the ability to believe in myself and that I can do it with the right attitude. Not long after meeting Frank I was able to book my test and have passed my driving test. My life has changed so much already since passing. Frank's goal was not to just pass your test, it was to learn the skills to drive safely for a lifetime and not only was Frank a driving instructor, he became a great friend and I will be forever grateful for all his hard work in helping me achieve my goals

Lewis Horner

"I am pleased to say I've passed my driving test first time with Tony at Drivetime UK, I would recommend any family or friends to do their driving with Tony or Frank at Drivetime UK, they are both professional, pleasant and most of all (get the job done!)"

Zack Richardson

Passed first time!!! with 3 minor faults. Tony was my instructor and since day one provided a professional but friendly service that allowed me to learn with ease, Thanks to Drivetime UK and Tony! 

Stuart Bible

Thank you Tony for helping me pass my driving test. I will be recommending you to everyone I know,who wants to pass there driving test. Absolutely the best driving instructor . Very relaxed style of teaching which, I feel, made me succeed.

Thank you again

Berni Harris

I'm not the easiest person to teach. I like figuring things out myself and feel patronised or embarrassed when my mistakes are pointed out! Franks teaching style is great though. He is very calm, patient, clear, treats you like an adult and has a sense of humour too! No matter what mistakes you make, he helps you to just learn from them and move on. I highly recommend anyone looking for lessons to talk to Frank. Thanks a bunch Frank, been driving 4 days and already my life has changed!

Ruth Ejim

My name is Ruth, I passed my test today. I want thank my wonderful instructor Frank on giving me the confidence I needed to learn how to drive. I will recommend him to anyone wanting to lean how to drive. He's an amazing person, thanks very much Frank.

Alex Wheesly

Passed my test with 3 minors! Definitely recommend Tony, and Drivetime UK, experienced friendly Instructor knows his stuff!

Zach Park

Thank you Tony for helping me pass my driving test. Your relaxed style definitely helped me to learn. You were also very flexible in fitting in my lessons around times that suited me. Thanks again for your help.

Connor Ruddy

Tony made learning to drive a fun and easy experience! He helped me to progress efficiently which led to me becoming a confident driver and passed my test first time! I would recommend Tony and Drivetime uk to anyone wanting to learn to drive

Brian Best

" Having Frank as my instructor was an absolute blast! Not only does he teach you the theory, but he makes you question why things are done the way they're done, so it sticks in your memory better. He also really boosted my confidence in driving at speed on A roads and motorways, when before I was too keen to just go at a crawl! I happily recommend him to anybody I know who may wish to learn to drive".

Emily Phiri

Having failed my first practical test with a previous instructor; I would like to thank Frank who helped me pass my second attempt within 4 weeks. Once again thank you Frank for making it possible!!!

Yasmin Akhtar

"A massive thank you to my Instructor Tony for making my learning to drive enjoyable and for helping me to pass the first time! Whilst studying Master of Law and Practice, Tony kept his dairy flexible to fit my lessons in, which suited me. His methods of teaching are very pleasant, as Tony paid attention to every action I made in the car. He constantly was ensuring I was developing to be a qualified driver. I have and would recommend Tony."

Adele Eaton

After years and 2 failed attempts with my previous instructor, I would like to thank Tony for his patient and professional ways of getting me through my test.
Adele Eaton

Yvonne Hartley

I'm so thankful I chose Drivetime to learn to drive. Frank my instructor is a guy who tailors the lesson to each persons needs. He's somebody who you can learn with & have laugh with at the same time. I would recommend Frank to anybody just starting out or even wanting to change instructors. He's an amazing person, thank you Frank!

Megan Dunne

I'd like to thank My wonderful driving instructor Tony on giving me the confidence I needed to learn how to drive.
I passed my test with just 2 minors. I couldn't have done it without all of he's help!
I would recommend him to anyone wanting to learn how to drive
Megan Dunne

David Mcloughlin

Sorry about the delay in reviewing. I passed my test on feb 10th 2014. I had 6 hours training with Frank and i would recommend himself and this driving school to anyone I know looking to pass their test. Frank was an excellent instructor who not only taught me everything I needed to know to get me up to scratch.. But did it in a way where I still felt human, relaxed, like I'd known him for years. I would like to thank Frank for getting me through my test and I am very grateful . As I previously said couldn't have asked for a better tutor and anyone reading this page need look no further as these guys are the instructors for you.. world class....good luck guys....David Mcloughlin


'Frank took my basic knowledge of working a car and applied it to driving in England and the rules of the road. Frank is the only driving Instructor I've ever had, and I'm glad I stuck with him. I now feel I'm ready and confident enough to travel Europe. I enjoyed my lessons, but glad I dont have to have another! Thanks!' Tom

Chris Cooper

I really enjoyed my time learning to drive with Drive Time UK and would recommend them to anyone who is thinking of learning to drive. The patience and knowledge of Tony my Instructor was instrumental in me passing my driving test.
Chris Cooper

Emily Daly

I would like to say a huge thanks to Drivetime UK and Tony for helping me pass my test after failing twice with a previous company and for helping and teaching me
Emily Daly

Jordan Power

I would like to give a big thank you to Drivetime UK and especially my Instructor Tony for teaching me to drive and helping me pass my test first time with only 4 minor faults. I'd recommend them to anyone looking to start driving due to their high quality teaching.
Jordan Power

Georgina Lawton

Just passed my driving test today with Tony. Would highly recommend drivetime uk and Tony to anybody who wants to learn to drive!!!
Georgina Lawton

Hannah Wilson

"I would like to thank Tony and Drivetime UK for enabling me to pass first time today. I can guarantee, I wouldn't have passed with only two minors if it wasn't for Tony's perseverance and expert knowledge. I was quickly made to feel confident about driving and was well prepared by the time the day of my test arrived. Reflecting upon each lesson and constantly discussing improvements allowed for me to continually progress with every drive. I couldn't recommend DrivetimeUK or Tony enough!"
Hannah Wilson

Jenny Brayshaw

I would highly recommend Drivetime uk after passing my test with Frank ... I am so pleased that I passed both my theory and practical test first time and I could not have done it without the support from Frank, as he was so patient with me. He gave me so much confidence, Frank took the time to make sure I felt I could handle any situation on the roads with constant reassurance which is so important when learning something new . I am so grateful. Such a friendly, professional and caring person which made my lesson such an enjoyable experience ... I will miss my lessons but I'm so chuffed I passed my test. Thank you so much Frank ... see you on the road

Becky Froggatt

I just want to say thanks very much Frank for all your help and support in getting me where I am today. We got there in the end. thanks again I will highly recommend you to other people. Becky

Shaun Mollard

Hi Tony just want to thank you for helping me pass my test at my first attempt and with just 4 driving faults thanks very much.
Shaun Mollard

Chloe Lees

A massive thank you to Tony for his patience and excellent advice throughout my journey learning to drive! Tony is professional AND friendly which is a perfect combination for teaching...really reasonably priced lessons & a driving instructor who wants you to pass and can get the best out of your abilities! Mr Spence you are a star! Xxx
Chloe Lees

Kara Boulter

A massive thanks to Tony for teaching to me to drive! Made me feel so at ease and calm in the lessons, to give me the confidence I needed to do it, it also helped as he gives you time to understand things and explaining things to you, how you understand them best. The packages they do are really worth it as well. I would recommend him to anyone. Thanks again Tony
Kara Boulter

Nicole Meadows

Frank is a brilliant teacher, he's patient and kind.
He built up my confidence in driving, which ending in me successfully passing my test I would recommend Frank to anyone, If you want to pass and be a brilliant driver then Frank is the instructor to be with!! Nicole.

Ayesha Ilyas

Tony is very helpful, he helped me boost my confidence level. Most importantly he always gives you the correct advice-where your going OK and where you need to concentrate a bit more, that really helps! Its been a enjoyable experience. I would like to thank Tony for being a fantastic instructor, I would recommend Drivetime UK to everyone.

Hannah Spence

Massive thanks to Tony for all the support he has given me while learning to drive and all the patience he had, it has help build my confidence up when out on the road. Would highly recommend drivetime uk to anyone who is thinking about starting there lessons. Passed first time learning with Tony. Brilliant driving instructor, thank you very much. X

Emily Chadderton

I had a great time learning to drive with Frank, much nicer and patient then my previous instructor. Thanks for helping me pass my driving test!

Hannah Lisle

I was recommended to Drivetime by someone who passed on their first attempt with Frank and I'm glad I was. Every lesson was worth while in not only learning to drive and preparing for test but also for learning to drive in real life situations. I'd recommend Frank to anyone.

Charlotte Taylor

 I would like to thank Tony at Drivetime UK, for giving me the confidence to enjoy my lessons as well as learn so fast, I previous lessons with other instructors and with Tony I only had 10 hours, and passed my tests first time, and I am now happy and confident to be on the road. I would highly recommend them. x

Lorna Morton

Tony from Drivetime UK came highly recommended by a family friend that passed their driving test first time with him. Tony is very helpful, friendly and was there for me every step of the way. I passed my driving test first time and I owe it all to Tony and Drivetime UK. Big thank you Tony and I will be recommending him to family and friends.

Mezreet Razul

Thank you Frank, for all the confidence you showed in my driving . So important to have a patient and understanding driving instructor. Passed my theory test first time. I could hear Frank telling me the answers in the back of my head. He is constantly asking and explaining things to you. I am doing my pass plus with Frank, would recommend to everyone.
wishing you all the success Frank.

Daniel Kirk

After failing my practical driving test twice previously, I decided to contact Tony at DriveTime UK and was pleased with what he had too offer, the lessons we're very much helpful and was comfortable and after only 8 hours with Tony, I went on to pass my test, third time lucky, I recommend this company and Tony himself to anyone because he was the reason I passed, thank you mate.

James Keylock

" Frank is an amazing Instructor, who treats you with respect, gives you confidence and helps you to clear your mind of what was or will be, to see only the task that needs to be done to ensure you pass your test. Very patient, you are missing out if you don't use this Instructor. Thank you Frank, you will be missed."

Vimbayinaishe Kandeke

" I approached my first lesson with much apprehension. By the end of the first lesson I felt very excited about the next few. Frank is very methodical and encourages independent thinking by explaining everything from the fundamentals. I truly believed and finally understood a lot of the things that were just 'routine'. Thank you Frank for your firm but warm approach. Thank you also for being patient and never making me feel inadequate even when I did all those stupid things! Your relaxed manner helped the morning of the 'assessment' be very calm and I truly felt ready. ....it all felt like a dream at the end of it when you stood by with your big smile as the examiner said 'Congratulations!'.....passed my test at the first attempt! Thank you for the professional and                                                                      truly personalised experience."

Calvin Wong

" Frank, I would like to say thank you again! You were brilliant and patient with me. I will definitley recommend you to others, take care. "

Lee Bower

It feels fantastic to pass! A huge thanks to Tony and to Drivetime UK Tony is so calm and patient while teaching and made learning how to drive really 

Ben Waterhouse

'Top class teaching, relaxed enjoyable and friendly environment. But most of all professionalism. Most definitely would recommend Drivetime UK to anyone' thanks again Tony.

Deane Pentney

"I would highly recommend learning to drive with Frank and Drivetime to anyone. Having experienced poor instructors before, it was refreshing to learn from someone very professional, patient and informative. Not only does Frank prepare you for the test but also for driving on all types of road which helped my confidence a lot"

Simon Higgins

John Lowe

'I wouldn't have been able to pass my driving test in such a short time if it hadn't been for Tony's patient approach and his expert knowledge Thanks Tony!'

Katrina Gaynor

"Would like to say a massive thank you to Tony. For his patience and building up my confidence in my driving. Due to this I passed first time. (wayhay!!). Can't say thank you enough and would recommend Drivetime UK to anyone who is learning to drive."

Chris Galloway

Tony thanks for all your help with getting me through my driving test, was much appreciated. He was very patient and understanding after some great calming words before my test I managed to pass. Highly recommended!!

April Flanagan

A great BIG THANK YOU to Tony for getting me through my test on the 1st attempt, he's been very patient, understanding and very reassuring throughout all my lessons all at a very reasonable price definately would recommend drivetime uk.

Rob Whittle

Just passed my driving test with Tony from Drivetime uk, absolutely made up! Couldn't have asked for a better Instructor. Learnt something new every lesson and found his lesson structure really easy and helpful. I will definately be recommending him to friends and family. Thanks Tony!!

Brad Wilson

"I would like to say big thank you to Tony for making it as easy and quick as possible for me to pass my test. Also I would like to thank him for going above and beyond to fit me in for lesson times that were the best for me. I would recommend Drivetime UK to anyone that is looking to pass there test quickly and stress free."

Mark Johnson

Thank you to drivetime uk and Tony for helping me to pass my test. Enjoyed all of my well planned affordable lessons which gave me the confidence to pass my driving test Would recommend drivetime uk to anyone. Thanks tony and all the best.

Kevin Howells

"Thanks for a great experience and working with me on my time to help me pass my driving test first time. I really enjoyed it and would recommend Drivetime UK to any one that I know is wanting to start driving. I gained confidence quick and started looking forward to my driving lessons, and for that I am greatfull. Thank you very much for the way you have taught me and knowledge you have given me of what's out there and helping me be a better driver in the future as well. All the best."

Kasim Healer

"I'd like to thank Frank for his support, his help and his teaching for allowing to me pass my Driving test. He showed. huge amounts of patience during the constant silly errors that I made in my lessons and he helped aid me to become a better driver.
Frank made the intense driving course fun, interesting and challenging.
I have enjoyed myself thoroughly and am glad I have made a friend in Frank. I would definately recommend drivetime uk to anyone thinking of passing their test because of the quality of teaching and the fact that they're not looking to make extra money out of their clients.
On my first lesson Frank told me I needed 25 lessons and when I passed my driving I test I had exactly.... 25 lessons
Thankyou once again and I hope you have success helping many more people become drivers."

Marco Grant

" Thanks Frank for teaching me how to drive, couldn't have done it without you."

James Tarkenter

"I learned to drive with Frank from Drivetime uk, I was reassured by his calm and professional approach to teaching. I learned everything I needed to know to pass my test and be a competent driver whilst also being able to relax and enjoy my lessons more than I had with previous instructors. I have recommended Drivetime uk to several of my friends who are currently learning to drive".

Joanne Caveney

"I would highly recommend anybody who is starting their lessons to go with Drivetime uk, Tony was an excellent instructor and its due to his patience and way of learning that helped me gain my confidence and pass my test thank you."

Aggy Slaba

"Just want to write a few words to say thank you for all your help and patience you had for me. All that time and useful advice helped me to pass my test and gave me confidence in my driving skills. Thank you Frank for helping me say goodbye to public transport;-) wouldn't pass my test without your support". Aggy Slaba

Keith Greenwood

"I strongly recommend going with Drivetime - as a latecomer to driving I was nervous about learning but Frank soon put me at ease. As well as reassuring me he let me develop at my own pace and feel involved in planning the lessons. At the end of each lesson he went through any problems I'd had and gave me tips on how to resolve them which seemed to do the trick the following week. I really enjoyed the lessons and looked forward to them each week. Frank is a great teacher and a good laugh too. I passed on the first attempt with only two minor faults which only goes to show how well he taught me!

Rosie Richards

  "Drivetime have been amazingly supportive while I've been learning to drive. I kept having to go back to university but they fitted around me and always had my best interests at heart. They genuinely want you to pass ... probably as much as you do! Their lessons are always instructive and focus on the skills you need. They also assess and monitor your progress at the end of every lesson which is particularly helpful. In this way they provide much more than most driving Schools They've been truly fantastic and I'm so grateful to them!"

Tracy Martin

  "Would just like to say a massive thank you to Tony for helping me pass my driving test and being so patience with me on my lessons. I couldn't have done it without his help and support would highly recommend Drivetime UK to anyone. "

Hannah Bocking

"Frank is the best Instructor ever he's so patient and knows how to find the right learning style for you. He takes time to explain everything and gives you the option to go over anything you dont feel confident with as many times as you like and he makes you feel at ease with your surroundings. He really knows how to have a laugh and isn't always serious. He gets to know you and eventually you feel like your just going for a drive with a friend :) I would recommend Frank to everyone and will miss having him as an  Instructor even when you feel like you can't do something he shows you that you can."

Leoni Grenfell

"Thanks Frank for all the time and effort you put in with each of my lessons, I really appreciate everything all the pushing you did for me to pass. So glad I've passed and I don't think I would of passed with only 2 minors with another instructor. You never lost your temper with me and always let me have time out if I was struggling and getting frustrated. Thank you for everything I'll miss working with you." :) Leoni Grenfell


"Hello everyone, I just passed my test today. Frank as an instructor is brilliant. He made me think about my mistakes and encouraged to correct them which now I know is the most important thing while learning. I had some horrible experience with my previous instructors. The hours I spent with Frank were full of knowledge about driving. I will always recommend Frank Walsh to all my friends because if you learn with a good instructor and become a good driver then passing the test becomes easy automatically. Thanks Frank I will always remember you." Vhidya

Richard Clark

"I would like to say a massive thank you to Tony and Drivetime UK on passing my driving test first time. I would highly recommend Tony and Drivetime UK to anybody that wants to learn to drive" Richard Clark

Joanna Dixon

"Learning to drive felt scary at first but Frank kept me calm and helped me to keep my nerve. When I made mistakes, we would talk about why I wasn't right and go around and practise it again. I am a perfectionist so this approach worked in my favour. Without Frank I wouldn't have the confidence that I do now and I'd like to thank him for his patience :)." Joanna

Lauren Higginson

"I Passed my driving test today with only 2 driver faults Tony is a fantastic Instructor friendly and patient. I Enjoyed every lesson. A pleasure to work with, would recommend Drivetime UK to anyone!" Laura Higginson

Reece Hampson

"Would like to thank Tony for all the help and guidance he has given me throughout my driving, believing in me every step of the way, even when I made mistakes and got frustrated. I couldn't have done it without you mate and I really appreciate all the help you have given me. Great laugh and very professional, I would recommend Drivetime UK to anybody learning to drive. See you on the roads!" Thank you Reece Hampson

Humaira Rahman

" I have enjoyed learning with Tony and Drivetime UK the Instructors are really great and helpful it was a good experience"

Jo Ryan

I don't even know where to begin to express my gratitude to Tony from Drivetime UK for his patience and excellent teaching methods. Each lesson was clearly planned showing my development in driving. I have had other teachers in the past and they don't compare to Tony. Despite my nerves on test day, Tony was calm and reassuring, and I passed first time with only two minors. I would never of been able to do it without you Tony, and I would recommend you to anyone who wanted to learn how to drive. Thank you a million times, Jo Ryan x

Mitch Oakley

"Just want to say a massive thank you to Frank and Drivetime UK for all their support and guidance during my driver training. Without their help there's no way I would've passed with only 2 minors! Not only was it a professional experience but also an enjoyable one and I wouldn't hesitate one second in recommending this company to anyone wanting to learn how to drive :)"

Lauren Stead

"Would just like to say a massive thank you to Tony for everything, patient and supportive from day one. A great instructor who I'd recommend to anyone. Being extremely nervous on test he never lost faith in me and today I passed :) thank you so much!" X

Emily Beswick

"Frank has been a brilliant instructor, boosting my confidence when I really needed it and had endless patience with my left reverse!! I really enjoyed our lessons, you made them interesting and fun. Thank you so much Frank, I've already recommended you and will continue to tell all my friends about you".

Jordan Mills

"Dear Tony, just to say a huge thank you for all your guidance & support that you provided our son Jordan with during the intensive driving course. This has given him all the necessary skills and the full confidence to pass his driving test at the first attempt. We would highly recommend Fast Track to others. Thanks again"

Mick Ainscow

" Frank puts you at ease and does a thorough job to get you above and beyond where you need to be to pass your test. I passed first time with just three minor faults. Thanks again Frank."

Victoria May

"If you ever want to feel at ease whilst learning I highly recommend Tony at Drivetime uk. The confidence tony gave me never made me think I would ever fail my test. And the proof is that I passed first time! The best driving instructor going and the nicest guy you can ever meet. I will be telling anyone I meet who is thinking of learning to drive about this man. Thanks Tony !"

Jason Heap

"I just wanted to say a big thank you for helping me pass my driving test the first time. Hopefully soon you will be getting calls from my friends as I have highly recommend you. Really couldn't have asked for a better instructor. Best Wishes and Kind Regards".

Meggan Wadsworth

" Yaaaay! passed first time! Thank you Tony for teaching me :) Will recommend, thank you for everything! :)" Meggan Wadsworth

Nick Corrigan

"Had a great time learning with Frank at Drivetime. My confidence was always kept high and always had a great laugh when we were out on lessons. Would recommend to anyone."Nick Corrigan

Matt Lea

"I would like to thank Tony from Drivetime UK for the support and training he has given me. The lessons were fun and learnt so much I wouldn't of passed without him".
Matt Lea

Steph Balint

"I would recommend drivetime. I learnt with Tony and have learnt all the necessary skills needed to be a successful driver. Very happy to have passed my test! Thanks Tony, thanks drivetime!" Steph Balint


"Just want to say a very big thank you for all the support you have given me, I can't believe I've passed. You have been a fantastic tutor and a friend. After 3 tutors must say you where the best one and would recommend you to all my friends. Thanks for the kick up the bum as I know I was a pain in avoiding my lessons but without you I wouldn't have been here today, passed" :) Naz

Husna Rahman

"I recommend Drivetime UK, because you learn all the necessary rules regulations and techniques straight away. There's no sitting and doing nothing for the first ten lessons. I had my lessons with Tony and he was a great instructor, patient and clear, helping me when I went wrong and giving me confidence when I got it right. A great driving school!" :)

Kurtis Smith

"I recently passed my driving test whilst undergoing tuition with Frank Walsh from Drive Time UK. At all times whilst I was driving Frank made me feel confident and safe whilst driving. I very quickly learnt how to drive cautiously, carefully and with confidence. Frank is fun, friendly and an easily approachable man, the training I received in my opinion was the undisputed best I could have gone for. I would often talk to my friends and share the knowledge which Frank had taught me about the road which their driving instructors had never told them. The language and directions of which Frank used, completely mirrored the language that was used within my driving test, this enabled my test to feel just like a normal driving lesson. I would strongly recomend Frank Walsh and drivetime UK to be your very first choice for driving lessons".

Tony Way

"After a bad experience with an impatient Instructor at a different driving school, I started learning with Frank Walsh at DRIVETIME UK. My confidence was instantly restored and I started to enjoy driving and the training Frank gave me. I passed my practical test second time 'round and cannot recommend him enough. An absolute gent and first class Instructor. Thank you once again Frank. Couldn't have done it without you."

Jess Moon

"When I first started learning to drive, I didn't think I would ever get the hang of it. I was clumsy and not very confident, but, Frank always had faith in me and kept me going when I wanted to give up. He even put up with me screaming the first time I drove at 50mph. The first thing Frank did was see how I preferred to learn so that our lessons could be tailored to suit me ( for me that was try and then discuss afterwards ), which was something I found really useful. Frank was very professional, very calm, very reassuring but very fun too. I'd recommend him to anyone. Thank's so much for all your hard work Frank, I couldn't have done it without you".

Billy Howarth

" My name is Billy, I am 17 years old and from Rochdale. After only 4 weeks of driving lessons with Tony, I flew through the test full of confidence. He is a brilliant Driving Instructor, I would recommend him to anybody. I really enjoyed my lessons with Tony during my 4 week pass."

Aisf Maqsood

"Frank is the best teacher I have had to teach me how to drive. He makes driving lessons enjoyable and always on time. Highly recommend using Frank if you need to pass in a short space of time. I passed first time, thanks again Frank." Asif Maqsood

Christina Russell

"Having failed my test twice, I decided to change instructors as I felt I was throwing good money after bad. On meeting Tony from Drive Time UK I instantly felt at ease. He was professional and boosted my confidence immensely. I passed first time with Tony, with no unnecessary lessons. Thank you so much Drive Time - Job well done!!!"  Christina Russell

Laura Schofield

"I took my lessons with Tony and he was brilliant! The learning methods used really stuck in my mind and helped me during the test I took after just 22 hours of training! I recommend learning to drive with Drivetime UK if you want to pass quickly and confidently." Laura Schofield

Rebecca Kershaw

"I have just passed my test after having lessons with Frank. A big thank you for all your time and patience throughout my lessons. I would highly recommend him to anybody looking to learn to drive. Thank you again!" Rebecca Kershaw

Katie Cartwright

"I have just passed my test with the very lovely Frank Walsh (grim reaper) although I passed 3rd time lucky, Frank was the most patient person I've ever met who can deal with my constant ups and downs! When I felt like I wanted to give up and everything was going wrong, step by step he would knock sense into me and gave me the confidence to pass. Without Franks humour, patience and ability to be a friend rather than a 'serious only in it for the money' Instructor he is by far the #1 instructor in the world! Thanks so much Frank. Couldn't have done it without you. You will be very missed my nodding dog :)" Katie (final destinations best friend!)

Andy Field

"Thank you very much for getting me through my test 1st time. You made learning to drive easy and fun. Can't thank you enough. I will be recommending you to my friends. Thanks again. All the best."

Sam Bailey

" I have recently passed my test with Frank. After having many lessons with previous Instructors and getting nowhere, he gave me the confidence I needed to pass. He is very patient and kind and I would recommend him to anyone. Thanks Frank."

Jenna Flood

" I would like to say a massive thank you to Tony for learning me to drive I could never have done it without you, thank you so much! Tony is a top guy! =)"

Ben Hussey

"I did my lessons and passed my test with Frank. He is a very good trainer, very patient, helpful and encouraging. I would and have already recommended Frank to all who would like to learn the best way possible. I felt our lessons went really well and I progressed with every one of them. Thank's again Frank :D"

Gill Walsh

"I passed my test first time with Frank Walsh at Drivetime UK, couldn't have asked for a better Instructor, it's been grand! Thanks Frank."

Hannah Butterworth

" I would recommend DRIVETIME UK to anyone, as Tony made me feel very comfortable on lessons. I saw my confidence grow from lesson to lesson with Tony. Thank You. XX "

Matt Meah

“Well were can I start? Errmm..... I was introduced to Frank by a friend whilst having trouble with my previous instructor. Frank was so much calmer with me and built my confidence back up to drive I enjoyed my time with frank whilst learning to drive. I would highly recommend to anybody who wants to learn to drive :D thanks Frank :D”

Jake Richardson

I have just passed 1st time with Tony! I would tell ANYONE who would like to have some lessons to do it with Tony. He is a star. Helped me in everyway he could. Gave me clear information all the time and makes you feel confident and at ease when driving. I have loved every minute of the training and now I've passed I will be doing a Pass Plus with Tony. Top Guy!

Nikki Mellor

"I've tried a few Driving schools and this is definitely the best by far! Everything is at a high standard. I felt my confidence build from the very start and I passed my test with flying colours. All thanks to Frank from Drivetime UK :)"

Donna Becconsall

"Tony, just want to say a real big thank you for your time and reassurance. You made me feel that I could achieve my lifelong dream with positive mental attitude. You are a great guy to know and I will definitely recommend you to others. Once again, thank you so much. X"

Sharmila Datta

"My experience with Drivetime UK was a very short but sweet one! I'd like to say a huge thank you to my Instructor Tony. I could never have done it without you. Drivetime uk is by no doubt the best. The instructors are very friendly and professional and I will certainly recommend them to all my family and friends."

Bobbi Trelfa

‎"I loved every minute of learning to drive with Frank at DRIVETIME UK. I had two Instructors before Frank and felt like I was getting nowhere. With Frank I saw my driving progress grow every week and Frank was patient with me which helped me to pass first time!. Thanks Frank."

Lauren Higgins

‎" Frank is an excellent Driving Instructor he is very calm, relaxed and made sure I understood everything and was happy with my progress! I would like to say a huge thank you to Frank for helping me to pass my driving test. I would recommend Frank to anyone who wanted to do their driving lessons. Thanks for everything."

Ryan Coghlan

‎"Over the moon I passed, Frank was a great help. I couldn't fault the way he teaches and I really enjoyed my lessons. If anyone is thinking of doing their driving lessons I would definitely recommend Frank"

Mat Hoy

‎"Can I just say thanks to Tony, a genuine honest Instructor. I had a first time pass, with very few lessons, I strongly recommend him to anyone."

Matt Sharpe

"Frank has been my driving Instructor and I passed my test first time, I would like to thank him for his patience and kindness. I have had two Instructors in the past, with different companies and by far Frank was more understanding. No matter what I did wrong, he would turn it around to help me understand and learn from that. I would recommend Frank to anyone I know wishing to take lessons."

Gordon Allen

‎"I really enjoyed learning with Frank. He was very patient and helped me understand everything I needed to know and do to pass my test. Thank you very much Frank!"

Carla Connor

‎"I recently passed my test with Frank at DRIVETIME UK, he is a great instructor. He always had confidence in me, we had a laugh during our lessons and he helped me to achieve something I have wanted for a long time! So a massive THANK YOU for all your hard work!! :D


Caroline Hoburn

‎"Throughout my lessons Frank has made me feel relaxed and comfortable. I would recommend DRIVETIME UK to anyone! Always calm, patient and very understanding and made sure I was happy with the progress. Thanks to you for all your advice and encouragement during my driving lessons you given me the confidence to believe in myself :) Thank you :)"

Andy Brown

" Just a quick note to express my thanks to you for all your advice and encouragementundefined during my driving lessons. Your expertise and knowledge has given me the confidence to believe in myself and to pass my test after only a small amount of lessons. I will not hesitate to recommend Tony and all at DRIVETIME UK. Thanks again, Andy Brown.

Laura Bebbington

" Well, what can I say about Frank? I passed first time :D. Throughout my lessons Frank has made me feel relaxed and comfortable. he is a very nice guy and he is good at what he does. I would recommend DRIVETIME UK to anyone! I would just like to thank Frank for putting up with me :D

Jon Preece

"My thanks go out to Frank and DRIVETIME UK for my superb tuition. I bought a bulk package of lessons and got a great deal. Frank was calm and polite no matter what the situation and he never got stressed. I passed with flying colours after my confidence with driving was restored, after failing twice before. Thanks again Frank!

Jon Preece. Oldham

LIndsay Mckeown
"Learning with Tony has been an absolute pleasure. I was surprised how quickly I was at test standard, I would recommend DRIVETIME to anyone. Tony is a patient, understanding and fun Instructor. DRIVETIME UK HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
Reynaldo De Los santos

"Frank has been my driving  instructor. During the time of teaching me, he carried out his duties in a responsible and satisfactory manner. He always shows care and dedication while carrying out his duties and on many occasions, he produced results far above  my expectations and standards. That's why iIpass my practical exam, for just one take. I would like to take this opportunity to thank him and wish the very best in his future undertakings" Respectfully yours, Reynaldo delos Santos

Fiona Williams

"My time learning to drive with Drivetime was great from beggining to end. Tony was a great instructor and always managed to make me laugh! He helped develop my confidence and skills on the road. Thanks to Drivetime I will have much more independence. I would recommend Drivetime to anyone learning to drive!" Fiona Williams


James Burton

‎" My driving experience with Drivetime UK was very relaxed and enjoyable. Frank made me feel very confident in my driving. Thanks." James Burton

Sarah Ives

" Huge thanks to Tony for helping me learn to drive. He always made me feel relaxed and we had a good few laughs. Definately recommend him to any new learners! Thanks again Tony!!"

Jenny Parkinson

‎" My driving experience with DRIVETIME UK was great. Tony made me feel relaxed and confident. So, thanks Drivetime!"

Sophie Campbell

"Learning to drive with Frank was brilliant, he always made sure the lessons were really relaxed and enjoyable. He was very patient, and built up my confidence so that i felt completely prepared for my test. Thank you for all the time you put in with me Frank, and for explaining everything so simply and clearly, you made learning to drive a lot of fun.  I would definitely recommend drivetime to anyone who is looking to start lessons. Thanks Frank!"

Sarah Jackson

" I had great fun learning to drive with Frank, I'm definitely going to miss the banter in the car. I learned in a very fun and relaxed environment which always put me at ease. A very thorough teacher who always made sure that I was 100% sure about what I was doing. I would definitely recommend learning to drive with Drive Time. "

George Jacques

‎"Thank you Tony for helping me to get my licence back. You made it so simple for me even though I was so nervous. I will be telling everyone about your services. Thank you."
George Jacques

Adam Donnelly

"Learning to drive with Frank was absolutely brilliant, the lessons were nice and relaxed and he put me completely at ease. I would definitely recommend him to anybody who is looking to start lessons as he will teach you how to drive the car, not just how to pass a driving test. If you learn to drive with anybody else you will be making a big mistake."

Matt Stott
"Thanks to Tony I have just passed my driving test first time! He is
an excellent teacher and was very patient and understanding during my
lessons. I really looked forward to all my lessons as he made them so
enjoyable. Thanks again, will definately recommend to a friend." Matt Stott
Anna Witkowska

" Thank you Jane for you patience and for believing in me, you are an amazing Instructor! I'm so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Anna Witkowska

Lisa Burns

"Jane,It's been an absolute pleasure learning to drive with you over the last year. I cannot thank you enough for your brilliant teaching, patience and at times your nerves of steel! I will miss our weekly get-togethers and will continue to recommend you highly. You've become a real friend and I wish you continued success with your future learners. Big thanks and I'm so glad I didn't let you down on the day". Lisa Burns

Jade Czuba

"I was so elated when I passed my test first time, Tony was completely supportive and had more faith in me than I had in myself after 2 years trying to pass my practical. Tony's laid back persona and experience shone through meaning I could relax when learning without the fear of making silly mistakes. Fortunately, his fun and easy method of instructing meant I am able to drive and be independent. I now am a confident, safe driver and will be taking a PASS PLUS course because of the positive experience of learning with Tony. Thanks so much, you're awesome!!!" Jade Czuba

Zoe Gregory

"I started driving with Tony after failing 3 driving tests with my previous driving instructor! I needed a boost, and Tony really helped my confidence! After having only 5 lessons with Tony I passed my next test with only 8 minors!! Absolutely thrilled! So a big thankyou to Tony and i would definately recommend DRIVETI...ME to anyone learning to drive :) " Zoe Gregory

Donna Taylor

"I found having lessons with Tony relaxed, interesting and fun. I was made to feel at ease even when I made silly mistakes and would recommend him to anyone who is feeling nervous or apprehensive at taking control of the wheel for the first time. What a genuine guy. Thanks Tony" 

Chelsea wilkey

"learning to drive with DRIVETIME UK was fantastic fo me! I got through my test first time, which was excellent. I'd like to thank Tony for all the hard work and patience he put into teaching me. I will definitely recommend DRIVETIME to my friends, as I enjoyed my lessons, having fun, with great experience. Thanks again!"

Ashleigh Coghlan

"I started my lessons just over a year ago with Frank. since day one he has always made me feel really comfortable and put me at ease, as well as making the lessons enjoyable. He was very patient, calm and easy to talk to. With all of Frank's help I feel confident on the road. It has been a pleasure to learn with him. Thanks Frank"
Amy Wilkinson
 "Hi, just letting everyone know, I had Tony as my instructor. He was great, I would recommend this company to anyone. I passed my test today, I was so nervous, but Tony reassured me and I did it.  It is the best experience ever, overall it has been brill. I have enjoyed my training with Tony. I passed my theory and driving test first time with 4 minors so we thought I did well. Thanks Tony "
Gemma Dawber ( Oldham )

" I started my driving lessons over a year ago with Frank. I found him very patient and easy to get along with. He put a lot of confidence in my driving that I had lost while previously learning to drive and went through everything step by step. I was over the moon when I passed my test and couldn't thank him enough ". Gemma ( Oldham)

Henry Heston ( Saddleworth )

"Learning to drive with Jane was a pleasant and enjoyable experience. She is an excellent teacher and a fun person. I would thoroughly recommend her. Henry Heston, Saddleworth


Jill Kershaw ( Chadderton )
"I have just passed my test after learning to drive with Frank at DRIVETIME UK. I can't thank him enough for all his time and most of all patience. I bet him at the start that he would lose patience with me, but he never did! 
I had no confidence at all and Frank always did his best to encourage me. I would recommend him to anyone, in fact he is going to start teaching my daughter soon. Thank you so much". Jill
Zoe North ( Ashton )
"Thanks to Frank's patience and many hours battling the roads of Oldham, I passed my test in December 2009 and I'm very happy that I did. Despite seeing a few strange sites in Failsworth whilst practicing manoevures, I can happily say that I would recommend Frank to every learner driver. He always made sure I was relaxed and made it fun to drive, as I was very nervous when I first started and I couldn't have done it without Frank. As well as teaching me my driving skills, he built my confidence up and kept me constantly informed on where I was going wrong and helped me to correct them. I shall be looking forward to doing my pass plus with him soon :)" Zoe North
Sarah Donovan
"I have just passed my test with Tony at DRIVETIME UK. Tony was an awesome Instructor who I would highly recommend!
Thankyou again Tony :)"
Sarah Donovan
Melissa Bridge
"I am definitely going to recommend DRIVETIME UK to all my friends. Frank was really patient with me, I felt completely at ease during my lessons and he made sure I was fully prepared for my test. I passed first time with only one minor. I would like to thank Frank for being such a good Instructor" Melissa Bridge
Mark Newsome

"Learning with DRIVETIME UK has been a great experience. I would just like to say thank you so much to, Tony. He has been very patient, understanding, realiable and kept helping me right to the very end. It's been a pleasure to learn with him - a fantastic instructor. Highly recommend if you want to learn to drive. Cheers Tony!" Mark Newsome

Aimi ( Oldham )

"Thank you very much Frank and DRIVETIME UKI passed my test first time at the end of November and feel like you were the only person that could have got me through learning to drive. You were very patient and made me feel at ease on the road. I’ll always remember everything you taught me... so you’ll be happy to know that I will be one of Oldham’s safest drivers! I would highly recommend DRIVETIME UK for anyone wanting to learn to drive"!! Thanks. Aimi.

Carla Bissell ( Oldham )

"I'm a seventeen year old and I'm so pleased that I have passed my driving test first time. Jane has been my only instructor and has been so helpful and advised me on the best time to apply for my test which has obviously been proven right. I am delighted to have passed my test first time and with all of Jane's help I feel really confident on the road. Jane has been really encouraging throughout teaching me to drive and I have really enjoyed all of my lessons and I'm looking forward to completing my pass plus. I will be recommending Jane to all of my friends because she really has been brilliant and has made it such a fun experience!" Carla Bissell

Louise Murray ( Oldham ) 

"Hi Jane, I want to give a big thankyou for a brilliant experience, you were patient and relaxed. I also enjoyed our chats, never a quiet moment. I dont think I would have done it with out you and to pass first time is just brilliant. I will highly recommend you to everyone and again thankyou so so much. Its changed my life for the better. The children are much happier.xx "

Charlotte Birch ( Heywood )

"I enjoyed having a driving instructor who I found it easy to talk to and get along with. I found the training to be very helpful. I feel that I wouldn't have got this far as  quickly without Tonys help. So, thank you. I would recommend DRIVETIME UK,  and will do so to my friends and family". X x

Rachel Johnson ( Chadderton ).

"I have had a great experience learning to drive with Frank, my lessons were always enjoyable and he put me at ease if I wasn't to sure on anything, Frank was very helpful understanding and very reliable.  I would highly recommend him to anyone who has not yet learnt to drive....I was lucky enough to be taught by the best! I will miss my lessons and couldn't of done it without Frank.  Much appreciated!  Thank you".  Rachel Johnson

Rachel Heap ( Oldham ).

   "I passed my test first time thanks to superb driving lessons with Frank. Every lesson was fun and I enjoyed learning all the aspects of driving. When I struggled with something Frank always made sure I had confidence before we moved on. I would strongly recommend DRIVETIME UK if you are thinking of starting lessons. I’ll miss the mints supply and Frank laughing at me talking to myself". Rachel





Sarah Hulme.

"I have had a fantastic time learning with DRIVETIME UK, everything is well planned and organised, after every lesson you have a clear understanding of your current performance and Tony explained my next areas for improvement after each lesson which was extremely helpful, he provided me with numerous booklets to assist me and made each lesson very enjoyable, resulted in a pass first time with 6 minors, result! I will definitely be recommending DRIVETIME UK to any new learner drivers. 
many thanks". 
Sarah Hulme

Nick Mendham ( Failsworth ).

 "Learning to drive with DRIVETIME UK was a great experience which really kick-started me towards becoming a safe driver for the future. Tony Spence was my instructor and it was a joy to be taught by him. He was very patient, calm and easy to talk to and I wish him and the company all the best for the future
Thanks". Nick Mendham 

Jason Cartwright ( Oldham ).

"DRIVETIME UK are great to learn with. I would recommend anyone to learn to drive with DRIVETIME UK. I passed first time and only had four minors on my test. Frank thank you so much, you are a great Instructor". JASON CARTWRIGHT


Sarah Maguire.

"I would highly recommend DRIVETIME UK to anyone. Tony is a great instructor, who puts you at ease and you have fun driving. You will always do something different in your lessons, so you are learning something new and not getting bored. If you want to enjoy learning then Tony is the instructor for you.

Thank you for everything Tony, you are one in a million. "


Paul Denvir.

                                                                                            "I would like to thank DRIVETIME UK for getting me through my driving test first time and a specIal thanks to Tony for being a great instructor.

Donna Tylor.

"I would highly recommend people to use DRIVETIME UK to help them through the whole driving experience. I passed first time with Tony, after failing a test and losing all my confidence three years ago. Tony has a calming manner which totally put me at ease.
My lessons were fun and varied, so I practised everything I needed to
and actually enjoyed learning.
I plan to complete the Pass Plus course with Tony very soon .
Thanks again Tony you're a star" . Donna Tylor

John Taylor ( Oldham ).

"I started my driver training last November with Frank and from the first lesson onwards he made driving really enjoyable and put me at ease from lesson one. I passed my test on the 18/8/09 and without the help of Frank I don't think I would ever have passed, I would definitely recommend DRIVETIME UK to anyone. Thanks Frank".  John Taylor (Oldham)

Stella Greenhalgh ( Oldham ).

"DRIVETIME UK are friendly Instructors, who helped me a lot. I passed relatively quickly, and always drove in a friendly atmosphere. The Instructors (Frank) always gave me lots of confidence to be an individual driver. They charge excellent prices, which is great for skint 17 year olds!"  Stella Greenhalgh


Curtis Brown ( Oldham ).

" I PASSED first time thanks to my instructor, Tony. I had confidence which I thinks helps. My lessons were frequent and covered all aspects of driving which were needed to pass. I covered around 30 hours of driving lessons which I think is around average. But, I took to driving quite well,  possibly because of sports (co-ordination).



Jordan Brierley.
"Tony Spence, one of the proprietors of DRIVETIME UK taught me to drive this year. I was 17 on 19th January and had my first lesson on the 26th Jan. I passed my driving test for the first time after only 25 lessons on the 1st June. I found Tony to be reliable, informative and patient."      
James Horton ( Rochdale ).

"I had a great time learning with Tony, he made things really easy to understand! Driving is a major part of our lives and having someone as good as Tony to teach me was a great experience!"


Aaron Hardman (Mossley).

"I've been learning to drive with Frank for six months, and after passing with just three minors, I cannot recommend his training enough. Frank continually goes out of his way to make sure his pupils get the best possible tuition, and I cannot imagine there being better driving instructors out there than Frank. I will definitely continue with further Pass Plus training in order to gain further understanding of the road. Its been a pleasure Frank, good luck with Drivetime UK! "



Gareth Morris (Hathershaw, Oldham).

“I did all of my driver training with Frank Walsh. He is a brilliant, honest and reliable Instructor. When I took my driving test, I passed with only ONE minor. I would recommend DRIVETIME UK to anyone, as you will pass in the fastest time possible, the instructors don't waste any of your lesson time. I appreciate Frank for all the lessons we had together.”


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