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Pass Plus



Congratulations.... You've PASSED!!!!

So what's next???????????


Well done you have done it, all that hard work and practice you and your instructor put in together in car has finally paid off and your qualified to drive.

It doesn't have to stop there though. Why not improve on your driving skills, become more confident on the road and save yourself some money as well?


PASS PLUS is a specially designed driving course by the DSA ( Driving Standards Agency), insurance companies and the Driving Industry, to help you gain valuable experience and build on your existing skills and knowledge.


PASS PLUS is made up of six practical modules which include:

  • Town Driving

  • Countryside Driving

  • Driving at night

  • All Weather Driving

  • Driving on Dual-carriageways

  • Driving on Motorways

All you need is a full UK driving licence to benefit from PASS PLUS.

So you don't have to be a new driver to improve on your skills...

You don't even have to take a test at the end of the course. So, no pass or fail.

Instead, with your instructor, you will be constantly assessed on each of the modules.

All you have to do is complete the course to the required standard to receive your certificate.

Have a look at the PASS PLUS website http://www.passplus.org/ (It's on the links page) it gives a list of motor insurance companies who offer discounts to drivers who have completed the PASS PLUS course.

Some of the insurance companies include: The AA, Churchill, Tesco insurance and Young Marmalade.

So why not save yourself some money and improve your skills as well?

In some cases the Insurance company will even pay for your PASS PLUS course. That can't be bad, saving money on you insurance and pass plus as well!!!

Our instructors are PASS PLUS registered, so, why not mention the course on your next lesson? Your instructor will be able to give you full details and the cost involved.  Alternatively contact us at drivetimeuk@ntlworld.com or via this site and we will Email you back with full details.


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