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Eco-safe Driving

Would you like to save 15% on your yearly fuel bill?

Petrol and Diesel isn't getting any cheaper!

Give us a call. Just by learning a few simple driving techniques you could save yourself or your company a small fortune. Within an hour you will notice the difference in your driving and in your pocket!

Why not save yourself money now in your everyday driving?

Smart Eco-Driving


1- Check your Revs. Change up your gear before 2,500rpm (Petrol) and 2000rpm (Diesel).

2- Anticipate road conditions and drive as smoothly as possible, avoid sharp acceleration and heavy braking. This saves fuel and reduces accident rates.

3- Use air conditioning sparingly as it significantly increases your fuel consumption.

4- The most efficient speed depends on the car in question, but, it is typically 55-60mph on motorways. A car travelling at 55mph, uses 25% less fuel than at 70mph. 

Faster speeds will greatly increase your fuel consumption. So, stick to the speed limits

5- Drive away as soon as possible after starting from cold – idling to heat the engine wastes fuel and increases engine wear.

6- Accessories such as roof racks, bike carriers and roof boxes, even driving with your window open, will all affect your car's aerodynamics and reduce fuel efficiency. Oh, and empty your boot!

7- Avoid short journeys – a cold engine uses twice as much fuel and catalytic converters can take five miles to become effective.

8- Plan your journeys to avoid congestion, road works and getting lost.

9- Check you tyre pressure regularly (Including the spare) –

under-inflated tyres are dangerous and can increase your fuel consumption by up to 3%.

10- If you're stuck in a jam, switch the engine off if you are going to be there for more than a minute or two. Cutting the engine will save fuel and reduce emissions.



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